What Others Are Saying...

"As mayor I'm proud to be working side by side with Dr. Pan for a more vibrant local economy, stronger public safety, and a healthier Sacramento. Dr. Pan is exactly the type of leader we need in the Senate. He shares the vision of a Sacramento that works for everyone."
-Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento 

“Dr. Pan has proven to be an advocate for working families who also makes sure California’s children can live healthy and productive lives.  Through his experience as a pediatrician and an educator, he brings a real world, science based perspective to the legislature.  I have been impressed with his work on behalf of working families.  That’s why Dr. Richard Pan is my choice for the State Senate.”
-John Chiang, California State Controller 

“Dr. Pan is fighting to bring jobs to the City of Elk Grove. He's working to bring a medical school to Elk Grove and he's the only candidate in this race that owns a small business. I'm excited to be supporting him for State Senate.”
-Steve Detrick, Elk Grove City Councilman

“When budget cuts threatened to close fire stations, Dr. Pan wrote legislation to sustain those vital services and keep our communities safe. Dr. Pan has been a champion on public safety issues, and Sacramento firefighters are proud to endorse Dr. Pan for State Senate.” Brian Rice, President, Sacramento Area Fire Fighters

“Dr. Pan understands the real work it takes to run a small business from meeting payroll to complying with government regulations. He gets what I am going through because, like me, he's a small business owner that cares about making Sacramento healthy and safe.”
-Randy Paragary, Sacramento Business Owner 

“Oak Park is the place police treat as a war zone, the place that RT wouldn't even come to.  People are terrified to come out of their houses and Dr. Pan brought a clinic. He truly cares about the people there. He doesn’t just come to a photo-op and then disappear, he was present in our community before he was a legislator and he will be there after.  It’s something I will never forget."
-Kim Harrington, Mom, Oak Park 

"Dr. Pan has fought to bring more parks to Sacramento, to get BPA and toxic chemicals out of the water streams and our environment, and to regulate oil companies. That's why as a mother and Sacramentan, we need Dr. Pan in the Senate."
-Christiana Dominguez, Sacramento Parks and Recreation Commission Member 

“When Federal gridlock threatened public safety in Natomas Dr. Pan was the only Assemblymember to help me successfully lobby for our critical levee improvements. He reached out to leaders across the country and across the aisle to advocate for our community.  Be it schools, parks, business, jobs, healthcare, public safety, local, state or federal - Dr. Pan has been there, effectively leading from the front for Sacramento.”
-Angelique Ashby, Sacramento Vice-Mayor

“I live in Curtis Park and am a working mom that is juggling between helping my husband with his small business, maintaining my own career, and taking care of my family. I support Dr. Pan because he understands exactly what I, and every mom, goes through on a daily basis. He just gets it.”
-Chrissy Venditti, Mom, Curtis Park

“Dr. Pan is in our community, working side by side with neighborhood leaders to make our streets safer. When crime spiked around the Mack Road area, we came together and created a solution that worked and his support has proved instrumental.”
-Esley Simmons, Bishop, South Sacramento Christian Center

“A lot of politicians are high on talk; Dr. Pan is high on action.  Dr. Pan’s law has provided the needed money to keep fire stations open, reduce the amount of time to respond to emergencies and ultimately save lives.”
-Kurt Henke, Fire Chief, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department.  

“In my previous career with the United States Army, I had the honor of serving with the best in the world.  After working alongside Dr. Pan, I can honestly say that he is the best that California has to offer. Dr. Pan graciously took a couple of law students under his wing and shepherded us through the ins and outs of getting a bill through the Assembly and Senate.  Without Dr. Pan’s AB 2623, millions of elderly Californians would not be as strongly protected as they are today."
-Jacob Smith, US Army Veteran and McGeorge Law Student that partnered with Dr. Pan on AB 2623 (elder abuse). 

“No parent should have to worry like we did, and no baby should have to suffer like ours did. Dr. Pan’s bill restored our confidence in knowing retailers are selling current, safe products.”
-Dale Proctor, father from Woodland whose baby ate expired baby food and collaborated on AB 688.