Public Safety

Public Safety

“A lot of politicians are high on talk; Dr. Pan is high on action. Dr. Pan’s law has provided the needed money to keep fire stations open, reduce the amount of time to respond to emergencies and ultimately save lives.”
-Kurt Henke, Fire Chief, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department

Dr. Pan is endorsed by: District Attorney Jan Scully, Sheriff Scott Jones, firefighters and police officers.

Dr. Pan stopped fire station closures, kept river rescue running and parks open by bringing $6 million in new federal money for Sacramento and Elk Grove.

Dr. Pan, partnering with Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel (RET.) and pawnbrokers, created a statewide database to crack down on metal theft and the sale of stolen goods.

Dr. Pan raised more than $240,000 for the Red Cross through legislation to fund emergency disaster relief.

Dr. Pan fought to save key police training programs (POST) and expand training programs to include elder abuse.

Dr. Pan, partnered with the Police Chiefs Association, stopped legislation that would have expanded marijuana dispensaries into middle class neighborhoods.

Dr. Pan authored new law to make it harder for people driving under the influence of drugs to escape prosecution.

That's why Dr. Pan is endorsed by:

District Attorney Jan Scully, Sacramento County
Sheriff Scott Jones, Sacramento County
Police Chief Rick Braziel, Sacramento (RET.)
California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA)
California Peace Officers' Association (CPOA)
California Professional Firefighters
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
Sacramento Area Fire Fighters, Local 522