Growing Healthy Middle Class Families

Growing Healthy Middle Class Families

Growing Healthy Middle Class Families

“I live in Curtis Park and am a working mom that is juggling between helping my husband with his small business, maintaining my own career, and taking care of my family. I support Dr. Pan because he understands exactly what I, and every mom, go through on a daily basis. He just gets it.”Chrissy Venditti, Mom and Curtis Park Resident

“Dr. Pan understands the real work it takes to run a small business from meeting payroll to complying with government regulations. He gets what I am going through because, like me, he's a small business owner that cares about making Sacramento healthy and safe."Randy Paragary, Small Business Owner

Dr. Pan is a pediatrician, father, small business owner and union member, who has spent the last 15 years fighting to make Sacramento a healthy and safe community for middle class families.

Dr. Pan co-authored the “Middle Class Scholarship Act” to cut CSU and UC tuition costs for middle class families by nearly 40%.

Dr. Pan passed the strictest regulation of insurance companies, making it illegal for them to deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition.

Dr. Pan lead the effort to cut the uninsured from 22% to 11% in one year. Three million Californians now have health insurance.

Dr. Pan has a brought together businesses, unions and health organizations to develop new health care models that can provide you better care at less cost—because he knows that keeping you healthy is cheaper than letting you get sick.

Dr. Pan co-authored legislation to make sure Californians have access to at least 3 days of sick time – for your use or your sick child’s.

Dr. Pan banned the sale of expired over-the-counter medication because families shouldn’t have to worry about whether the drug they just purchased is still good.