Putting Kids First

Putting Kids First

As a pediatrician, educator, father, Dr. Pan has dedicated his career to putting kids first.

“No parent should have to worry like we did, and no baby should have to suffer like ours did. Dr. Pan’s bill restored our confidence in knowing retailers are selling current, safe products.” -Dale Proctor, father from Woodland whose baby ate expired baby food and who collaborated on Dr. Pan's AB 688

"I support Dr. Pan because I know Dr. Pan supports education. He supports students, and I know his practice specializes in children with behavioral issues like ADHD. He supports the whole child, which includes not only their physiological needs, but their educational needs as well. When he supports the child, he's able to help the child become well-rounded and healthy which makes me a better teacher. Dr. Pan understands that healthy and happy children are ready and excited to learn." -Alexis Inglemon, Natomas Teacher

Champion for Coverage for the Children's Health Initiative
March of Dimes Legislator of the Year
California School Employees Association Legislator of the Year
Hearts and Hand Award from the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento
Lydia Smiley Award for the California School Nurses Organization
John Travis Leadership Award from the California Faculty Association

Dr. Pan authored new law which banned the sale of expired baby food.

Dr. Pan expanded the newborn screening test to include Severe Combine Immunodeficiency (SCIDs) to eradicate this disease and save children’s lives every year.

Dr. Pan co-authored the “Middle Class Scholarship Act” to cut CSU and UC tuition by as much as two-thirds for Sacramento families.

Dr. Pan expanded health care services for children with special needs and chronic care needs.

Dr. Pan increased immunization education for parents and access to life saving vaccines.

Dr. Pan authored legislation to increase the penalties for child abuse.

Dr. Pan created a statewide Children’s Health Advisory Board to give a voice for children’s health care at the state level.

As a First Five Commissioner, Dr. Pan brought a coalition together to get 65,000 kids in our region health insurance.

For the last decade, Dr. Pan served on the United Way's Impact Council, working to promote literacy at 3rd grade, make sure foster youth can be financially self-sufficient, and fight childhood obesity.

Dr. Pan worked with teachers to author “Health Kids, Healthy Minds” legislation to increase incentives for school districts that invest in school nurses, counselors and librarians as a holistic approach to education.

Before he was elected, Dr. Pan worked to get Sacramento City Unified School District a federal grant for school nurses and created protocols and procedures to identify and treat kids with ADHD and other behavioral issues. Now, in the Legislature, Dr. Pan is joining with parents, the Department of Education, school districts and school board members to get more money for school districts through out the state for health services.