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Dr. Pan earns an "A" from the Sierra Club

"Dr. Pan has fought to bring more parks to Sacramento, to get BPA and toxic chemicals out of the water streams and our environment, and to regulate oil companies. That's why as a mother and Sacramentan, we need Dr. Pan in the Senate." - Christiana Dominquez, Sacramento Parks and Recreation Commission Member

"Dr. Pan led the way to ensure that the toxic lead from hunters' ammunition will stop poisoning humans, animals and California's ecosystem." - Jennifer Fearing, The Humane Society of the United States California Director and Sacramento resident

Dr. Pan is an environmentalist – he sees the health of people and the health of their environment as inseparable. He brings science and public health knowledge to the fight for a cleaner, better environment.

Dr. Pan received a 91% grade from the Sierra Club and The Humane Society gave him their 2014 Humane State Legislator Award for his work getting lead out of our water streams and wildlife habitats.

Dr. Pan is opposed to building tunnels in the Delta.

Dr. Pan co-authored California's first statewide plastic pan bag.

Dr. Pan successfully lobbied to increase recycled water funding in the November water bond from $500 million to $750 million.

Dr. Pan voted to regulate fracking in California (SB 4 Pavley, 2013).

Dr. Pan has supported the implementation of AB 32, the California law to slow climate change. Dr. Pan has made sure oil companies pay for the damages they are causing the environment.

Dr. Pan voted to increase fees on oil companies for clean up efforts and has been a vocal supporter of the Oil Severance Tax.